Foncia can smile. The top notch motion lawsuit in France didn’t prove in favor of the plaintiffs. Following this action introduced by the affiliation UFC-What to Choose against the actual property administrator, the latter received in enchantment, stories the agency Bredin Prat, representing Foncia. The Versailles Court of Appeal rejected the group motion carried out by the patron affiliation which accused Foncia of getting improperly invoiced hire receipts to 1000’s of tenants, specifies the legislation agency.

The Court “clearly confirmed that the sums invoiced by the agencies of the Foncia network in their relations with tenants did not reveal any fault”, continues Bredin Prat in a press launch. The UFC-Que Choisir claimed from Foncia the compensation of tenants, 318,000 in line with its estimate, having paid transport prices of receipt, as much as 2.30 euros per 30 days, for a complete estimated at 44 million euros over 5 years. The legislation agency additionally provides that the shoppers’ affiliation was ordered to pay 10,000 euros for authorized prices superior by Foncia in this case.

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At first occasion, the Nanterre tribunal de grande occasion had already declared inadmissible the request of the UFC-Que Choisir, contemplating that the group motion fell exterior the scope outlined by the Hamon legislation of 2014. This launched in the French legislation a provision permitting a tightly framed model of American-style “class actions”.

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This class motion introduced by the UFC against the actual property administrator was the very first filed in France, on October 1, 2014, the day the Hamon legislation on consumption got here into pressure.